When film producer Ton van der Lee sells his successful business and leaves Amsterdam for Africa, his friends and colleagues are shocked.

Everyone dreams of leaving everything behind, of getting out of the rat race and starting all over again in a strange place, but no one ever really does it.

Ton ends up in Solitaire, a tiny village at a remote junction of dirt tracks in the middle of the Namib Desert. It is inhabited by Peter, the owner of Solitaire and the derelict farm surrounding it. His only company are Moose, his hard drinking brother-in-law, and the jackals that howl in the night.

Here, Ton sets up his camp. He hunts springbok for food, makes long treks into the desert, and listens to the heartbeat of the earth.  He feels at home.

With Solitaire as his base, he travels to the Kalahari desert, the holy hills of the Bushmen, the Okavango Delta, and the land of the mysterious Himba people.

Then, an enthusiastic article appears in the Lonely Planet travel guide about the primitive restaurant van der Lee has started at Solitaire. The tourists start pouring in. The downfall of his paradise becomes inevitable.