Jacques SpaansJacques Spaans graduated in Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam in 1990. He never worked as a chemist though, but instead switched to theatre production.
He cofounded theatre group “Parbleu!”, for which he has been producing musicals as a hobby ever since. After a number of jobs in theatre (for instance at The Dutch National Opera, Impresariaat Thierens, Festival aan de Werf Utrecht, Opera Amsterdam) he switched to film in 1998. After a one year film production workshop at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy (in cooperation with The Media Academie Hilversum) he started his career in film as production assistant.
The first feature film he came to work for was “Do Not Disturb”, line-produced by Martin Lagestee. From mid 1999 Jacques has been working for Lagestee Film as assistant producer for feature films, production 
coordinator for documentaries, project administrator and office manager.