Amsterdam’ is a contemporary drama about people desperately in need of love and a more glamorous existance. Wandering spirits from several countries meet each other in Amsterdam, where their lives are ruthlessly rocked by fate.

Director of Photography:Marc Felperlaan, Production Design:Benedict Schillemans, Art Director: Dimitri Merkoulov, Wardrobe: Manon Blom, Make-up/hair: Sara Meerman, Sound: Victor Dekker.


Marissa Tomei, Omar Metwally, Mimoun Oaissa, Ilias Addab, Katja Herbers, Aus Greidanus Jr.. Other cast: Warre Borgmans, Steven Van Watermeulen, Hans Kesting, Samuel Weiss, Hilde Van Mieghem, Ward Weemhoff, Marie Vinck, Willem Nijholt, Mike Libanon, Edwin Jonker, Hadewych Minis


A rich American couple, a family of Dutch criminals, a French gay couple, a working class family from Germany and an illegal Moroccan youth and his kid brother, are all in Amsterdam, each with their own story. Different reasons make their paths intertwine, leading to a dramatic climax that changes their lives for ever.

‘Amsterdam’ was the first feature film by Ivo van Hove, artistic director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam. The film was shot in 2007 in and around Amsterdam, and three days in Morocco.

‘Amsterdam’ was produced by Lagestee Film BV in cooperation with Palentino Pictures, funded by the Dutch Film Fund, the CoBO fund and NPS television, and distributed by Benelux Film Distributors. Released May 2009

*** Nominated for MovieSquad Award by the youth jury Netherlands Film Festival 2009 ***