A Martin Lagestee film

Starring Louise Lombard and Billy Zane

Based on the novel Claim by Charles den Tex.


Claim is the story of a young Claims assessor, who investigates a 58 million dollar insurance fraud.

Claim is an intelligent thriller about a young woman who makes a success of her career in the men's world of capital and insurance, in which computers and money play a major role.

When a ship sinks near the Argentine coast,  Ellen Brachman (Lombard), a clever and ambitious claims assessor for the Rotterdam marine insurance company European Hayward, suspects a 'sinker'.
In an attempt to prove the 58 million dollar claim on the ship is false, she goes to Argentina and  together with the Argentine Lawyer Roberto Bealing (Zane), she becomes embroiled in a dangerous web of deceit, lies, murder and lost love.

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