A AngieMartin Lagestee film

Released on DVD by Universal Pictures in 2004

Written, directed and produced by Martin Lagestee

Starring: Annemarie Röttgering, Daniël Boissevain, Hidde Schols, Derek de Lint, Tygo Gernandt, Jack Wouterse e.a.

Angie is an action film about the lives of three teenagers in which friendship, love and breaking the law rule their world.

Angie Kempers returns home after a stay in a young offender's institution. She wants to rebuild her life by trying to find a steady job and more importantly improve the relationship she has with her mother. Her plans of ever being close to her are shattered when her mother's boyfriend assaults her. She is forced to move in with her delinquent brother Alex.
Angie starts dating Frank. She discovers that he has big gambling debts and is pursued by the men he ows money to. In order to pay off Frank’s debts, Angie enlists Alex's help. All three are hired to steal merchandise for the tough and ruthless criminal Peter Koudbier. After trying to double-cross Koudbier they find themselves on the run.

While hiding out, Alex sees his sister and Frank making love. In a fit of rage, he decides to hold up a petrol station. The robbery is bungled and Frank is caught by the police. Angie and Alex only just manage to escape by holding an officer hostage. Just when they think they are safe, their troubles are just beginning... Peter Koudbier is looking for revenge and Angie and Alex must cope with the intense desire they have for each other.