Sombra de Cain

It is midnight and the fog is clinging persistently to the houses and streets of a big city. 

A harmonica plays an eerie tune and we see a lorry making its way slowly down the narrow streets of the outskirts. As it comes to a crossroad, a luxury car is blocking the narrow street, forcing the lorry-driver to stop. He turns off his engine as he tries to figure out where the music is coming from.
Cacho, the young owner of the car, leaves the vehicle, grabs his gun "Star 65" and melts into the shadows of the night. After a few seconds of silence we hear a shot and the lorry-driver falls dead on the steering wheel.
The Gil-Cohen family is made up of Doņa Ester, a woman of about 80, and mother of Esteban, her elder son, who's General Director of the Home Office, and Daniel, her younger son, who's General Manager of the family steel works, and Patricia, Daniel's beautiful wife.
They live in a great mansion situated in the most expensive avenue of the city. They're a family that keeps up appearances but under the surface, they develop devious, torturous relationships based on jealousy, envy and disputes over inheritance. 
The same night, the notes from the harmonica are heard inside the mansion, the same melody that we now associate with Cacho and Patricia feels she has to answer his call. this will be the beginning of the end. The destruction of the family will come about soon after, bringing with it the closing of the steel works, the death of some of the family, hatred and the myth of Cain.