A film by Martin Lagestee
Scenario by Wim Meuldijk and Peter Römer
Produced by Endemol Film Nederland

Starring Joep Dorren (Pipo), Mariska van Kolck (Mammaloe) and Meta Speksnijder (Petra)
with Daan Schuurmans, Rudi Falkenhagen & Felix Jan Kuypers (Snuf & Snuitje), Karin Bloemen, Harry van Rijthoven, Hero Muller (Dikke Deur), Tara Elders, John Wijdenbosch

Pipo the Clown is finally back on the big screen! In this merry film adventure Pipo the Clown gets an urgent call from his auntie Anouska, to help her solve the mystery of castle that seems to be haunted. Together with his wife Mammaloe and their daughter Petra, he immediately gets on his way, but they are followed by three clumsy crooks who think he’s going after some treasure.

In the castle they accidentally awake a Knight that has been asleep there for over 500 years, and whose snoring caused the alarming sound. His great love, a beautiful noble lady, is still sleeping. He was given a sleeping potion by a rivalling knight hoping to eliminate his opponent the night befor a duel would take place, but she drank the potion too…

Pipo promises to help the Knight and though constantly hindered by the three scoundrels, he gets married to the love of his life after all. In the end, with the help of the magician Master Miriardo they can even return to the past…

This first Pipo film drew over 200.000 visitors ("Golden Film") and sold over 100.000 dvd’s. TROS broadcast Pipo on Dutch public television in 2007.