Rode Zwaan

Based on the children's book by Sjoerd Kuyper

Starring: Andre van den Heuvel, Rufus Heikens, Annet Nieuwenhuijzen, Sanne Himmelreich, Liz Snoijink and Pierre Bokma.

Jacob is staying with his grandfather in is native village Bakkum. He is rather sceptical about the stories grandfather always tells about a Red Swan. But this changes when grandfather falls from the roof and starts to suffer from feverish nightmares in which he calls out for his 'cuddely toy', the Red Swan. His grandfather is in real bad shape and Jacob finds out that only the Red Swan can save his grandfathers life. He decides to look for it, together with Neeltje, an assertive 12-year old girl, they set out for this adventure.