High On JesusDocumentary by Simone de Vries


Documentary on Larry Gross (60) who walks the streets with a cross on his back to “bring Jesus to the people”.

Larry used to be a heroin addict and was in and out of prison most of his life, until the moment he asked Jesus to save him. That happened when he met an older ‘Crosswalker’ in Miami Beach, who gave Larry his old cross. Ever since he’s been walking around, spreading the word of Jesus. Quite a remarkable redemption, considering Larry is Jewish.

Larry and his companion Bob (who was asked by his parents if Larry could take care of him for a while) walk through gang-related areas to tell young kids to change their lives before it’s to late.

On one of these walks a boy carrying a gun came up to Larry, crying. He was on his way to a gas station to shoot down everybody there including himself. He had asked God for a sign if he existed. And there came Larry and his cross around the corner.