Planet Kamagurka

Documentary by Simone de Vries

A portrait of Belgian artist/cartoonist/painter Kamagurka.

The Belgian cartoonist Kamagurka (Luc Zeebroek) became famous in the 80's with his completely surrealistic, absurd cartoons. Most people know him for that- but he is much more, especially in Belgium. He is seen as an important surrealistic artist and comedian. Besides drawing he writes songs, paints, tours with a stand- up comedy show and is the creator of the internationally acclaimed comic figure Cowboy Henk, created with his long-time ' partner in crime' Herr Seele.

He is extremely productive- at least 20 publications a week in different European magazines and newspapers. At age 6 he re-illustrated the Bible. His parent were so shocked by the violence and sex they took him to the doctor. Little Luc was then put on tranquilizers. But that was then...