The Art Merry-Go-Round


For this screenplay Marijke Jongbloed was awarded the Screenplay Award at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam in 1989.

From the time European painters (inventors of modern art), left for the United States,  New York has played a decisive role in the International world of art.But ever since the 1960's and pop-art  there has been a lot of criticism by people who claim the New York art scene is dominated by greedy dealers, collectors and artists, who all eagerly play along the game. Still New York is the international center of contemporary art.

The Art Merry-Go-Round takes a closer  look at the network of artists and their relationships with the dealers, collectors, conservators and critics and tries to get an insight look at the rules and codes of this closed and secret sub-culture. 

Starring a.o. Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons, 
Robert Yarber, Jack Whitten, Gerhard, Richter, Christian Leigh and Donald Kuspit.

Broadcast by NOS television.